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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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briefing. we hear from orville brown the driver of the white stretch limousine that caught fire on san mateo-hayward bridge killing five female passengers selling the san francisco congress -- chronicle that there were so many flames in 90 seconds the car was fully engulfed. the cell phone video shows the terrible scene of the limo on fire. live doppler 7 hd was overhead with four women including the driver escaped the burning car. the survivors climbed through the partition in the front of the limousine. the celebration was for the wedding of a friend, and her co-worker told us this. >> always nice.
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always smiling. so hard on sunday morning. it was hard today. it is unbelievable. two of my co-workers are dead. like my sisters. >> the new bride was looking forward to a great weekend celebration with her good friends, some of them from the fresno area. as we well know it ended in tragedy. c.h.p. scheduled to a briefing for 10:00 this morning and we hope to learn more of what caused the tragic accident on the san mateo-hayward bridge. >> here are the names of the four women who survived, mary grace, nelia of oakland, and
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amalia of san lenadro in rage of 34 to 48 and taken to the medical center in san jose and stanford medical center for treatment. the limousine company owners tells abc that they will do everything possible to investigate and assist authorities in determining the cause to bring answers and provide closure to victims and the families. another says the company is deeply saddened bit tragedy. stay with abc7 news for developing updates with more throughout the morning on our website at you can get breaking updates from twitter@abcnewsbayarea. . >> east palo alto police will reveal more of a shooting near a mcdonald's that left five wounded. the victim includes a six-year old girl and her grandmother close to 101 on university avenue. police say the shooter aimed at people waiting for the bus at the curb. four victims were inside the
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mcdonald's looking for help. officers discovered other victims outside. investigators say some of the victims were targeted. >> i don't believe this is random. several of the victims are gang members. all victims are expected to survive. today the chief will outline efforts to stop the subject of violence in the city. >> it has been a week since the stabbing death of an 8-year-old girl in calaveras county and the search if clues is taking detective door-to-door and the darling waters of local reservoirs. kira klapper has the latest on the hunt for leila fowler's killer. >> drivers searched in two reservoirs near her home yesterday, the reservoirs are 4' deep and investigators have not said what led them to the spots. they are not saying what they
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are looking for or what they found so far. they say exploring the reservoirs is just another technique in the evidence and recovery search. >> blackwater diving and searching the bottom of the ponds with their hands. they obviously cannot see where they are going so people on the shore holding the rope guide them through the water. >> investigators knocked on doors asking neighbors if they saw anything suspicious around the time she was killed. leila fowler died being stabbed inside her family home on saturday. her step brother found her and described her killer as being tall with long gray hair and a witness who said she saw the man has taken back the claim. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> san jose police are pleased with how cinco de mayo celebrations went despite clearing the street because of a few troublemakers when a fight
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break out between two groups last night with bottles tossed. the fight quickly escalated. >> everyone was happy and in a good mod having a good time but each year it is a problem the someone always has to ruin the fun. >> police say extra officers on patrol were able to clear the street before anyone got hurt. no arrests were made. >> pg&e will hear what the penalty should be for the 2010 san bruno disaster holding a news conference at 9:00 a.m. to announce recommendation to the public utility commission meet in front of the shareholders in san francisco. according to the "wall street journal" today they will push for a $1.25 billion fine and officials say the figure matches the scale of the disaster and the alleged missteps by pg&e that led to the explosion.
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pg&e since then they have improved customer service. >> a law taking affect today will allow bart to ban violent or unruly passengers. under the policy, they are allowed to keep offenders 50 of trains and out of stations for up to a year. during the operation if they assault workers or customers, or lewd behavior, or selling drugs, graffiti or bothering others. until now, bart had to get county approval to ban someone. critics fear the law will be used to target protesters and homeless. >> the developer of a new billion dollar stadium for the warriors on the waterfront in san francisco will present a revised plan that could satisfy those unhappy with the new arena presenting the plan at a meeting this afternoon. the architects hope to minimize the 18,000 seat impact on waterfront views at the piers while providing new views and access for the public. they will lower the height of the arena and keep part of the
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space open to the public during games. our reporter will have more on the changes in a report at top of the hour. >> game one for the warriors tonight opening the nba semi final sears in san francisco. they have not beaten duncan and the spurs in san antonio in 16 years. they are 2-2 with the wins coming at home in oakland. game time is 6:30. the warriors hope to win one of the first two games in texas before bringing the series back home for game three at oracle on friday. >> tickets on game three and four are on sale at 10 to warriors insiders before to the public tomorrow. you can "like" the team on facebook to be an insider or sign up for mobile alerts or sign up for team alerts with your e-mail with the details on under "see it on
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tv." with your warriors pride on facebook with the badge at facebook/abc7news. >> all right, the forecast, now, good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows the cloud cover that dominating our neighborhood but most of the radar returns to the east and to our west. we have a counterclockwise flow rotating moisture from the south to the north and that will bump into the coast and possibly spread across our neighborhoods during the only commute. it is very isolated. it is very light. we have better chances of rain than the actual amount, just one of those systems where we could have a scattered shower with the amount of rain light. yesterday, they did not last long. showers develop by noon with
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temperatures in the 50's at the coast and that is where you will stay with mid-to-upper 60's near the bay and 70 at 4:00 with showers possible at 7:00 but they will fade with the sun then setting. the sun comes out wednesday and a slow warming trend on thursday and into the weekend. first, now, we will look at traffic with leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, as we look at walnut creek from pleasant hill, you are not alone, we see early risers making the trek down to the 24 junk and the northbound commute is also moving along quite nicely and as we head into fremont we have this construction project that will last until 5:00 a.m., along northbound highway 262 at warm springs, one lane is taken away because of paving work and the rest of the drive, though, is moving clear out there headed out of antioch to pittsburg we have this construction pregnant eastbound lane along highway 4 and the love bridge on-ramp is
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shut down until 7:00 a.m. so you can take leland to railroad avenue to get open highway four. >> it is 4:40. mother nature lends a hand, and the progress firefighters are making in ending the danger of a huge southern california wildfire that forces thousands to evacuate. >> there is a fan creating a huge problem. what is being done to end one k-9 craze. >> a new club planned in the heart of san francisco's castro district is stirring new debate this
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:44 with a picture on the rooftop camera at the
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embarcardero and mike has the full forecast and leyla gulen has traffic. >> southern california firefighters say they are confident they will have the massive springs fire in ventura county fully contained today. the 28,000 acre fire is 75 percent contained with cooler temperatures and moist air helping firefighters and allowed homeowners to return. in riverside near banning, 650-acre vegetation fire is 75 percent contained. temperatures in southern california have dropped 20 degrees in two days. a funeral director in massachusetts is having trouble finding a plot for the boston marathon bombings killed if a shootout with police. the body of tamerlan tsarnaev is still at a funeral home in massachusetts. his uncle arrived to prepare the body for burying by washing it according to tradition. protesters starting showing up on friday demanding it be moved. the funeral director will ask the city to provide a plot and
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if officials say "no" he will ask the state for help. >> israel is rushing to beef up rocket defenses to shield against retaliation after carrying out two airstrikes in syria. weekend airstrikes targeted missiles being shipped to hezbollah in leboutillier -- in lebanon and is vowing to retaliation but did not spes what action they will take. >> starting attorney, for $20ing do lovers can control the growing chihuahua population. a dozen animal shelters and groups are teaming up to spay or neuter 500 chihuahua mixes by the end of may because they are expensing severe overpopulation that some attribute to appearances in movies. for a list of locations offering the surgeries go to >> neighbors in san francisco
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are paying close attention to plans for a new all-male strip club. the club would be called "the randy rooster," with go-go dancing and semi nudity with beautiful cocktails and dinner with local food. it would be next to harvey milk plaza and the supervisor is remembering judgment but the owners need to do a lot of community outreach to gain support. >> i shows you the outside shot with a little bit of a breeze. what else is going on? >> we did not see sprinkles driving in but we will find out who could see them. mike? >> it could be anywhere at any time, that is the nature of a scattered shower and they will be light. on sunday morning i had a lot of dirt on my car from the rain. that is what you can expect when you head out this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows the showers here are hanging off the
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coast and in the high terrain. as the low continues to spinoff it will throw moisture at us so we have a chance of a stray shower. as you head to san francisco, it is 58 in the ferry building and downtown and san francisco, cooler in portrero hill, 53. upper market is 56. forest hill is 54. ocean beach is 57. everyone is pretty much in the 50's this morning under mostly cloudy conditions but the exception is in tracy at 60 degrees. as far as our temperatures, you can see a ton of cloud cover and see how isolated and random the green dots are, the future radar, where the radar thinks it will rain, about 2:00 this afternoon when we hit our high temperature, 69 in sunnyville and low-to-mid 70's for everyone else. up the peninsula we start at 70 in mountain view, and redwood city dropped to the upper 60's and at the coast, temperatures are right around 60 with
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mid-to-upper 60's if downtown, south san francisco, and north bay valley about 70 in santa rosa and 72 at napa, and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 60's and only upper 50's at the coast where it could be breezy with scattered shower here along the east bay shore with temperatures in the upper 60's to 70 in castro valley and in the low-to-mid 70's inland yale and you can see how widely scattered the green dots are. the game today, i would not worry about it getting wet with a stray shower possible but by the evening it will taper. what you need to address for is the cooler conditions, 61 drown -- dropping down to 57. we will jump ahead and look at the seven-day forecast: tomorrow is a degree or two cooler, like today. partly sunny. a stray shower is possible. unlike today, thunder will not be a remote chance for tuesday.
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wednesday we will see increasing sunshine. the temperatures will respond on thursday, and by friday, saturday, and sunday we are back to where we should be, if not warmer for this time of the year. >> as we take a check of the east bay traffic from albany to berkeley to the maze it is flowing smoothly as the traffic funnels into the bay bridge toll plaza and the 580 is being cleared as it makes the merge with 80 eastbound so no problems out here. we have construction in the east bay but i want to show you the drive through san jose if you are traveling along 101 or 280, everything is moving along here at top speed. the drive away from 101 along 85 into cupertino and toward sunnyvale, you are looking at cheer conditions. bart, muni and caltrain all are running on time with no delays. >> it is a monday, with the average price for gas in the united states up slightly over two weeks after eight weeks of
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decline. the survey of fuel prices shows the price a gallon of regular is now $3.54 up a penny. in california, the lowest average price is $3.75 a gallon in stockton and the highest is right here in san francisco at $3.93. >> president obama will hit the road for the next few weeks to push proposals on job creation and the economy. he will begin this week with a visit to austin, texas, dropping in on a technical high school and tour a tech company and speak with blue collar workers. the white house says he will travel every few weeks to emphasize the goals of expanding pre-kindergarten and raising the minimum wage. >> aerosmith canceled a show in indonesia over a terror plot after obama plot targeted an embassy in jakarta. they would perform this saturday to a sold out cloud but the police arrested two suspects and
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seized the bombs they were allegedly going to set off to protest the treatment of muslims in myammar. the band apologized to fans and says they hope to do a makeup concert. authorities in bangladesh have now pulled more than 600 bodies from a garment factory that collapsed two weeks ago digging through rubble using search dogs and cranes. crews rescued 2,437 people, many working for clothing factories. it is believed it collapsed because of vibrations by four generators that kicked in after a power failure. the architect says three floors of the building were later added illegally. >> listen to this, a central florida seen is doing amazingly well this morning considering he almost had a leg taken off by a shark. 16-year-old was surfing with friends in florida this past weekend and says he felt pressure on the leg and started
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peddling as fast as he could to get back to shore. he shook his leg free and got out of the water. >> i wasn't in that much pain, i thought it was cool i got bit by a shark 'cause it hasn't happened to too many people. >> michael has had surgery on the ankle but will recover. another surfer who may have saved michael's legg used a surfing board league as a tourniquet. >> that sounds like military training. >> and only a 16-year-old would say "cool, i got bit by a shark." >> and he is going back in. >> quiet oakland neighborhood is hit by a rash of crime and the action neighbors are taking to fight back. >> teens driving and tempting,
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residents in an oakland
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neighborhood are holding a community meeting over uptick in violent crime with two homicides including one that left a young mother dead in front of her son have shaken residents. there is a meeting this evening to discuss what residents can do to protect themselves. the meeting is held at the senior center on martin luther king way starting at 7:00 p.m. with oakland police brass attending the meeting. >> it sure cooled down quickly over the weekend of the. >> it did. what are the chances we will have rain today? >> there are chances, yes, not great, but chances. when we get rain in may, we will take it. this is how it looks from the exploritorium, looking to the financial district, the embarcardero center, you can see the clouds up above, and they will keep temperatures close to average today and we will be one degree warmer in livermore and san francisco and oakland and two or three degrees cooler this napa, san jose, and redwood city
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. there is the rain hoping the firefighters from los angeles to san diego and high elevation snow but mostly rain falling in the sierra with the temperature around 52 in tahoe and 66 in yosemite and mid-to-upper 60's in san diego and los angeles. >> if you headed into downtown san jose the drive is locking clear as we look at the 87 highway coming to the julian off-ramp looking clear by help -- h.p. pavilion. along highway four you are at top speed tone antioch and concord and under 20 minutes. if you travel along 80 from berkeley to the maze away from highway four you are looking at a short 13-minute drive. >> for the 4th time in a week a diver has died while fishing off the north coast. a man died on saturday morning after collapsing at the state
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park north of santa rosa. last weekend, three divers fishing lost their lives and one died at salt point park and another at shell and another off fort bragg. two victims were from the peninsula and one from san francisco. the latest victim was reported to be middle age man from the east bay. >> san francisco police are investigating a collision between a bus and a car. investigators say a car hit a muni bus at 24th and south van ness in the mission district and was stopped at a traffic light when the car could not negotiate the town. one person on the bus said he was injured but refused medical treatment. no one in the car was hurt. a new report says 40 percent of teenagers admit to texting while driving. researchers at the medical center of new york say texting while driving is an epidemic and is based on analysis of 2011 survey of almost 8,000 young people. the teens were asked if they texted while driving in the last
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30 days and researchers say the risk of having a car accident is 23 times higher when driving and texting at the same time. there has been a national effort to educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving. >> this morning investigators were expected to give new details about the deadly limousine fire that took the lives of a new bride and four friends. the misunderstanding between the driver and his passengers that may have cost valuable seconds. >> frightening imaging of an electrical explosion that left two utility workers injured.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:00 a.m. and i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. a different kind of morning. did you experience sprinkles? >> no, but i hope to later. mike says there is a slight chance. >> and mike nicco, what is going on? >> slight chance for light showers is the key. the chances are good but they will be scattered and very light. the most rainfall we had yesterday was .011" in half moon bay. most of the rain is in the high country or lurking off the coast ready to rotate toward us. right now the coast has the best chance of seeing any rain over the next hour as we get the flow


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